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Empowering the political parties who empower modern development through empowered voters.

aridnik mCampaign360

Campaign360 is a special platform for managing a political party & their cadre from the booth level to make everyone engage activetly on the ground.

Software Services

Cloud Management

We manage your complete cloud resources and assists you with dedicated certified architects. To provide our clients with the best secure, cost-optimized solutions


Our skilled resources work on different types of applications, setups, automation and CI/CD processes. Manages Cloud with Optimized Costs and Resources.


A Product for managing AWS Accounts and provides detailed reports to fix security, network issues. Also, runs cleanup to delete unused resources

Quality Analysis

Our teams mean for checking not only your application features and bugs but they also check for application vulnerabilities. Your app will never compromise

24/7 IT Support

At Aridnik, We also provide 24/7 application support to our clients and manages their applications running with ZERO downtime

Mobile Application

We develop all kind of Android and iOS responsive mobile applications with dynamic rest APIs and UI/UX solutions.

Website Development

We also develop responsive websites at low costs and manage the safe & secure hosting process of your new/existing websites.

IT Consulting

We procure candidates with the required skill set and experience for all platforms. We also take care of their payroll process.


Easy to show your social activities

theLeadersPage is a social media platform to connect leaders with their voters. A leader never speaks about their social activities all at a time. But, theLeadersPage speak about their activities all the time and never forgets like a human.


We’ve Got You Covered in Campaigning

Constituency Analytics

Analytics on any segment is more important than the elections. Without analytics, we can’t imagine the results in the 21st century.



A Tool to lead digital election campaigning for the local body, Assembly, and Parliament Elections with various futures to reach voters with no time.

aridnik mCampaign360

Platform for managing a political party from the booth level voters to the state-level organization and it provides analytics to strengthen the party cadre.

aridnik mDigital360

To run the membership registration drives effectively for political parties and NGOs and it works as a pledge to take & reach all kind of people in all sectors

Election Campaigning

We renamed the word CRUCIAL meaning as campaigning time. Every right/wrong thing impacts on votes at masses. So, we execute campaignings with the best strategies that we provide for you

Campaigning Designing

Every moment of a leader monitors by the public during election campaigning. We will develop campaigning models with a monumental effort which gets more attention from the voters.

War Room Strategies

Executing campaigning models all over the state is a very difficult task. But, we motivate party cadre and our team to strengthen the execution. Provides a way to manage the entire election battleground for the best results


Script Writers

Your speech should mesmerise voters at the right time & place. We have influencer writers with their words whose writings make you a historic speaker of your state and mesmerise voters in your segment.

Leadership Training

No matter what you’re. But, it matters your leadership, a speech, an occasion, a motive work with your skills. Yes, we literally teach our clients what to look, speak, fight and do to reach more and more in a limited time 

Social Media Management

People are enthusiastically using social media in our country. It is the right place to push you to reach many. You don’t need any print/electronic media to express your opinions, thoughts under the pressure of the ruling party.

Voters Analytics

Equations are needed when your voters are under caste, religion and needy. Analytics provides you with the best results to reach more voters. You’ll understand the problems in a better way to address them in simple ways


Political Consulting

New words from the 20th century. We do provide consulting for a political party or an individual to win in any elections and serve better to the people. We also help you to prepare pluralistic manifestos

Political Advertising

No matter what you do! What you serve for the people. Advertising is to reach you to the masses to elect you & send to the legislature.

Bulk SMS

We use SMS strategies to put your thoughts, plans, works, events and strategies in the public. Cadre & Public discusses you! they work for you!

Voice SMS

Your voice, speech, quotes, requests, wishes make your voters and cadre more impressive and attach with you until reaching your goal.

IVR Surveying

You might have never heard about opinion surveys/polls in hours from crores of selective samples from different areas. But we do in minutes with our tools.

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